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Spare parts service

Contact us via the contact form below if you need a spare part for your heat it®. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

Assistance with problems

We are sorry that your heat it® is not working as desired. As there are often very individual solutions, we ask you to contact our support team with your request using the contact form below.

You should first check the following:
- Carefully clean the charging socket (e.g. with a toothpick)
- Install the latest app version
- Activate OTG (only for Android smartphones, e.g. OnePlus)

Your problem still persists? Then please state in the contact form with which mobile phone you would like to use your heat it® and how it flashes when in use. This will help us to find a suitable solution for you.

Returns processing

We are sorry that we could not convince you and that you would like to return your heat it®.

If you have any problems with your heat it® or need a replacement part, please use the contact form below. We are sure to find a good solution for you.

Within the 100-day return period, you can simply send your heat it® back to us. If there is a defect or similar within the first 2 years of purchase, we will pay the shipping costs or send you a replacement product (Just heat it® Garantie). In this case, please contact us via the contact form.

Kamedi GmbH
Returns office
Haid-and-Neu-Strasse 7
76131 Karlsruhe

Please enclose a note with your name, e-mail and order number with your return. Alternatively, you can also print out and fill out the cancellation form.

Guarantee & test period

With the extended return policy of 100 days, you can put the heat it® through its paces without risk. heat it® should be your reliable companion in every situation in life. However, if a defect should occur, our 2-year guarantee applies in addition to the statutory warranty.

Compatibility with Android

The heat it® for Android is compatible with Android smartphones with a USB-C connection. Older smartphones with a Micro-USB connection must support the OTG standard and require an adapter.

On some smartphones, e.g. OnePlus or OPPO, "OTG" must be activated manually.

Unfortunately, these Micro-USB smartphones are not compatible:
- Huawei P9 lite
- Samsung Galaxy A5
- Samsung Galaxy A6
- Samsung Galaxy A7
- Samsung Galaxy A10
- Samsung Galaxy J5
- Samsung Galaxy J530
- Samsung Galaxy S5 neo
- Samsung Galaxy S5 mini
- Cubot Note S

The heat it® for Android is not suitable for Apple iPhones or iPads. Due to system-specific components, it is also not possible to use a "USB-C to Lightning adapter".

Compatibility with iPhone

The heat it® for iPhone has a Lightning connector and is compatible from the iPhone 6s up to the latest model (iPhone 14). The Apple MFi certification ensures best functionality and highest security.

Compatibility with Tablets / iPads

The heat it® app was developed especially for smartphones and is not optimised for tablets. In addition, it is much easier and handier to use with a smartphone.

The Android heat it® cannot be used with Apple iPads with USB-C connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I use the heat it®?

For best results, apply the heat it® immediately after the insect bite. If you apply it immediately, you can often prevent the symptoms altogether, but if you apply it later, the symptoms can subside more quickly.

How hot does the heat it® get?

The heating plate of the heat it® heats up to 48 °C to a maximum of 53 °C, depending on the setting. In the "Adult" setting, the heating plate heats up to a maximum of 53 °C. In the "child" setting, the heating plate heats up to a maximum of 50°C. If you activate "sensitive skin area", the temperature is reduced by about 2°C.

Is the treatment painful?

Whether the application is perceived as painful depends on the user. It may happen that the treatment is perceived as unpleasant. We recommend always start with a short treatment at a low temperature ("Short", "Child" & "Sensitive skin area"). The settings can then be adjusted as needed. As the temperature sensitivity of the skin varies depending on the person and the part of the body, the heat it® offers different settings for an optimised treatment. For safe and effective use, please note the following:

Only a slight heat pain is required for successful treatment. In case of severe pain, stop the treatment immediately. For first-time use, we recommend using the settings "short", "child" and "sensitive skin area". The same applies to the treatment of areas of the body that have not yet been tested. If the treatment is not successful, the treatment can be repeated after a waiting time of 2 minutes with adjusted settings. Please observe the detailed information in the instructions for use.

What should I pay attention to?

heat it® may be used on children from the age of 4. From the age of 12, heat it® can be used independently.

heat it® must not be pressed onto the skin during the heating process and not for longer than 10 seconds. The same skin area must not be treated more than five times per hour. There must be a break of at least 2 minutes between repeated treatment of the same skin area. Excessive use may cause skin lesions or persistent discolouration of the skin (caloric hyperpigmentation).

heat it® is designed for use on external skin only. Do not use the appliance in body orifices, on mucous membranes, on the gums, nail bed, eyes or external auditory canal.

When using for the first time, the setting "short", "child" and "sensitive skin area" must be selected. The same applies to the treatment of body parts that have not yet been tested.

When treating a bee sting, the bee stinger must be removed beforehand. heat it® is not suitable for treating allergic reactions or tick bites.

A longer treatment duration ("medium" and "long") and higher temperature ("adult" and "non-sensitive skin area") can cause skin irritation in sensitive persons and on sensitive skin areas (e.g. inside of the arm, Achilles heel)! Do not use these settings if you are unsure or if you are using them for the first time. It is imperative to follow the instructions for use. Improper use can lead to minor burns.

How does the principle of action work?

The principle of hyperthermia for the treatment of itching and pain works by briefly heating the skin, to which the nerves react. According to the current state of research, it is assumed that this reduces the transmission of the stimulus. Thus, the itch signal can no longer be transmitted properly and the need to scratch disappears. To achieve this itch-relieving effect on skin nerves, a brief heat pain is necessary.

How much battery does heat it® consume?

Up to 1,000 treatments are possible with a fully charged smartphone. That's enough for you, your family and all of your friends.

Spare parts service

Contact us via this formular, if you need a spare part for your heat it®. For other requests, please use the contact form below.

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