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The magic behind heat it®

Magicians don't usually reveal their tricks, but we do anyway. heat it® works solely by means of heat, or more precisely by means of local hyperthermia. This is no hocus-pocus, but a scientifically proven principle of action. The short-term heating of the affected skin area can relieve itching and pain quickly and effectively. This is exactly where heat it® comes in!

  • Zwei Personen bedienen am Strand die intuitive heat it App

    Individually adjustable

    ✓ Integrated child mode
    ✓ Completely chemical free

  • Vielseitiger Stichheiler Nie mehr juckende Stiche

    Quick application

    ✓ Effective smartphone add-on

    ✓ No batteries needed

  • der heat it ist im Urlaub immer dabei, auch am Strand und Meer

    Ideal companion

    ✓ In everyday life, when travelling or doing sport

    ✓ Small, handy, robust

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What are the advantages of

heat it® as your partner?

Innovation meets engineering

As an innovative product, heat it® has won several awards and is attracting more and more attention internationally. We are sure that you want to offer only the best to your clientele, so why not heat it®?

Excellent customer feedback

As a rule, people leave a review when they are either disappointed or delighted. To date, heat it® has been rated over 10,000 times with an average of 4.7 stars. We are especially proud of our strong community and thank them for their support!

Superior customer support

It is important to us to support customers in the long term. For this reason, we place particular emphasis on our customer support. Our trained staff usually always find a solution to customer enquiries or take as long as it takes until everyone is satisfied.

Comprehensive support for you too

Just as we support our clients, we will support you. You can count on us to support you in areas such as marketing, customer support, staff training and more. We want to build long-term relationships. Therefore, we believe that just like our clients, we need to accompany and support you in order to be successful together.

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