Insektenstiche ganz einfach in drei Schritten effektiv behandeln

Easy to use
The result in 3 steps

Treat stitches in a few moments with your smartphone. Simply plug heat it® into the charging port and the corresponding app opens. If necessary, you can now customise the treatment. After a short heat-up, the heating plate of heat it® is placed on the stitch. Depending on the setting in the app, the treatment takes 4, 7 or 10 seconds. The app gives you feedback as soon as the treatment is successfully completed.

  • Einfach im Smartphone anschließen, App öffnen und Insektenstich behandeln
Das Wirkprinzip von heat it

Simple & fast
The active principle of heat it®

After briefly heating up to approx. 51 °C, the heating plate of heat it® is placed on the affected skin area. In a few seconds, the heat it treats your insect bite and can thus relieve itching and pain. The scientifically proven principle of hyperthermia is used here.

Treat insect bites from

  • Horseflies

  • Bees & wasps

  • Mosquitoes

Vielseitiger Stichheiler Nie mehr juckende Stiche

Versatile insect bite healer
No more itchiness

Suitable for the whole family thanks to kids mode (from 4 years or for self-application from 12 years)

Medically & scientifically confirmed active principle only with concentrated heat

Your ideal companion, always on your keychain thanks to its compact design

Sustainable heat treatment without any chemical agents and free of batteries

Treat insect bites within a few moments with your smartphone

To the shop

According to your personal sensitivity

  • Duration
    (4, 7 or 10 s)

  • Kids mode
    (from 4 years)

  • Mode for sensitive skin

Der heat it ist auch für Kinder geeignet

For the whole family
Mode designed for children

With the heat it® kids mode, we would like to offer a practical helper for the whole family.

The treatment temperature is reduced by 3 °C. A subtle difference that is clearly noticeable and suitable for young skin.

This treatment option is also perfect for adults with sensitive skin.

The application is permitted for children from 4 years of age (self-application from 12 years).

  • 4.7 out of 5.0

  • 4.7 out of 5.0

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